In order to remain at the cutting edge of technology and meet the challenges presented by its customers, Diarotech invests more than 10% of its revenue in R&D each year.

Applied research

High diamond content wear-resistant inserts

While it seems obvious that wear resistance is proportional to the diamond content of the diamond insert, there are a number of limitations that make it necessary to optimize...


Measurements and quality controls on diamonds

As diamond is THE main component of a diamond tool, diamond selection is key! Since diamond works in the front line during cutting, choosing the right...


AMAG: diamond granules with low magnetic permeability

Protection of directional equipment is a real issue. Indeed, the ineffectiveness of existing solutions almost inevitably results in significant costs for directional well ...


Research for the future

WalliDiam : a step further in diamond coating

Present in the oil exploration market right from the beginning, Diarotech is active in the production chain of the planet’s main source of energy. However, we are fully conscious of social, environmental and energy challenges and have been working for over 10 years to transition to new sources of energy!



« Field Investigation of the Effects of Stick-Slip, Lateral, and Whirl vibrations on Roller-Cone Bit Performance » :

  • S.L.Chen, SPE ; K.Blackwood, SPE, Security DBS ; E.Lamine, SPE, consultant, March 2002 SPE Drilling and Completion.

« New technique of LASER Cladding with Tungsten carbide and diamond powder » :

  • F.Machi, IREPA LASER ; D.Dezert, Technogenia ; H.Maybon, Technogenia ; S.Desmette, DDS ; E.Lamine, Diarotech ; G.Brauninger, Ceritec ; C.Nicholson, HEH ; E.Cerny, ASSIST ; A.Magnee, Ulg ; R.Zenati, INSA ; G.Fantozzi, INSA.

« Cutting Action of Impregnated Diamond Segments : Modelling and Experimental Validation » :

  • L. Franca, CSIRO, Perth; E. Lamine, Diarotech, Belgium – ARMA 10-439.

« Use of a digital microscope to better understand cutting and wear Mechanisms on impregnated segments » :

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« Tribo-métallurgie des Poudres : outils composites métal-diamant à hautes performances abrasives » :

  • A. Magnée, Ulg ; J.M. Renoirt, Diarotech ; E. Lamine, Diarotech – A3TS 2018, Bordeaux.

« Characterization of the performances of small diameter drill bits for the optimization of the drilling parameters » :

  • F. Dagrain, Stones Assistance ; E. Lamine, Diarotech ; R. Delwiche, Diarotech ; N.Golard, Diarotech – International Conference on Stone and Concrete Machining, 2013, Dortmund 

The laboratory

Diarotech uses cutting-edge laboratory equipment in order to be able to carry out in-house testing of both raw materials and finished products and to support its research activities

Diarotech therefore wants to put its know-how and equipment to work for customers with specific problems. Whether for one-off analyses or more in-depth assessments.

3D digital microscope

Raman spectrometer

Micro-hardness tester

Analytical balance and Archimedes balance

Roughness meter


The equipment includes :

  • A 3D digital microscope, making it possible to produce high-resolution wide- or narrow-field 3D images with magnification of up to x5000.
  • A Raman spectrometer, which enables molecular and microstructural analysis of materials, very useful for characterizing diamonds.
  • A micro-hardness tester, used to map the hardness of a part in order to highlight hardness gradients and structures or composition.
  • A Rockwell hardness tester to assess the hardness of the hardest materials.
  • High-precision analytical and Archimedes balances.
  • A helium pycnometer, enabling precise determination of the volume density of a material and the in-depth study of the porosity of a part.
  • A roughness meter and profilometers, mainly used for quality control of our parts.

R&D team

The research and development team, with over a century of combined experience, is made up of highly-qualified university researchers.

The expertise of these researchers is complementary, thereby covering all essential areas. From chemistry to mechanics and including electricity, materials science and physics.


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