Founded in 1998,

Diarotech is an SME that specializes in the manufacture of cutting tools and wear-resistant tools.

Every day, Diarotech puts its know-how to work for professionals in the oil and mining industries.

The performance of its customers is improved through tailored, high-added-value solutions.

Business sectors

Oil & Gas industry

Oil & Gas industry

With its experience in powder metallurgy, its cutting-edge technologies, a selection of premium diamonds and strict quality control, Diarotech provides diamond inserts with superior performance.

Diarotech designs inserts of any shapes and sizes, and optimizes the diamond content as well as the matrix composition for its customers applications 

Mining industry

Mining industry

Diarotech designs and manufactures customized and/or industry-standard core drilling bits for mining exploration. With high-performance diamond inserts and a cleverly designed assembly. The bits exhibit higher performance than the standard with improved lifespans of up to 50%.

Quarry stone industry

Quarry stone industry

Thanks to its expertise in rock cutting and its premium diamond inserts, Diarotech offers effective solutions for all types of extraction tools. Whether for roadheaders or saw wires, blades or disks or for drilling tools for blind holes.


By investing heavily in R&D and focusing on cutting-edge technologies with high added value, Diarotech provides parts with unmatched performance. All managed by a dynamic team of experts with extensive experience in the target sectors. Custom solutions are developed in close collaboration with customers, in complete confidentiality.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford



By focusing mainly on niche markets often representing small- to medium-volume production runs, Diarotech is able to customize by constantly adapting to the needs of its customers.


Confidentiality is a golden rule for Diarotech, which understands better than anyone that intellectual property is of paramount importance. None of the models manufactured are therefore sold to more than one customer. Diarotech also shares the rights to various patented products that are the result of collaboration with its customers.

Cutting-edge equipment

Whether for production, research or quality control, Diarotech uses cutting-edge tools to ensure the effectiveness of its products and services. These include: a range of the most high-tech presses, a latest-generation 3D digital microscope, Raman and emission spectrometers, as well as a range of specially-designed equipment.


The Diarotech team, with over a century of combined experience, is made up of people with complementary qualifications. Dynamic, motivated and always eager to learn more, they are ready to take on all the challenges that they are confronted with! Serving the customer : Mechanical, electromechanical and materials science engineers; personnel with doctorates in chemistry and physics; and a team of experienced technicians.


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