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DiesFlexibility : this will be demonstrated in the variety of shapes and sizes of the products and in the speed of reaction, but also in the variety of raw materials concerning diamond as well as metal powders: coated diamond, granulated powder, powder of any size and simple or pre-alloyed composition...

Automatic press Granulation of diamond : many parts are carried out with a base of diamond coated with its metal binder, which ensures good castability of the powders at the time of pre-formation; this also ensures an optimal distribution of diamond in the part, which corresponds to uniform wear and homogeneous work.


Hot isostatic pressOptimal compactness : this is carried out by sintering in a hot isostatic press; this applies to parts of any size and shape. This technique requires, in the majority of cases, an encapsulation of the parts to be sintered.

Use of high purity gas : Hydrogen, nitrogen and argon.

Large variety of matrices allowing the manufacture of the majority of standard segments.

Automatic press for beads Large variety of automatic and semi-automatic presses ranging from 1 ton to 50 tons, able to carry out single layer and multilayer parts in so-called ‘floating’ mould.